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BIG SALE! Wooler comes out for just $19 - Improve conversion rates and user experience.
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Wooler Compare

By Wooler Team
Allow your customers to compare products easily and make buying decisions
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About Wooler Compare

Wooler Compare allows your customers to compare products easily. They can make better buying decisions on products they want and need.

When trying to decide between many similar products, online shoppers want to compare prices and other features side-by-side to find the product that’s right for them. By adding the option to compare products, store owners can help customers make the right choice. If you’re running a large store, with many similar products, giving customers the option to compare can make a big difference.


  • Let customers select products to compare
  • Compare Page show detailed comparison tables
  • Add To Compare button anywhere on your store
  • Compare icon on Header, User’s menu, Product Loop, and Product Page
  • Customization for buttons and compare page
  • Transform “Compare ” to “Browse” after adding the product to compare
  • Transform “Add to Compare ” to “Added to Compare” after adding the product to compare

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